HPE MSL2024 Tape Library

HPE MSL2024 Tape Library AK379A

The HPE StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries meet demanding storage requirement of businesses needing unattended tape backup, disaster recovery, or low cost long-term archive capability. The MSL Libraries offer a broad choice of storage capacities and technology including LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6 or LTO-5 Ultrium tape drives. Web-based remote management makes the MSL Libraries easily managed from across the room or across the globe. Quickly manage tape media both in and out of the library with the standard bar code reader, configurable mail slots, and multiple 12-slot removable magazines. Protect important business data from unauthorized access with several data encryption options.  Quickly increase capacity and/or performance with tool-free drive upgrades in the MSL2024/MSL4048, or move tape drive kits to an MSL3040/ MSL6480 for scalability and additional enterprise class features.

Native Capacity

HPE StoreEver LTO Ultrium Tape Drives provide up to 6 TB of native capacity on a single cartridge

Compressed Capacity

HPE StoreEver LTO Ultrium Tape Drives provide up to 15 TB of compressed capacity on a single cartridge.

Transfer rate

Capable of data transfer rates up to 300 MB/sec native and 750MB/sec compressed, HPE’s Data Rate Matching further optimizes performance by matching host system speed to keep drives streaming.


Provides highest level of security with compression for strong backup data privacy to secure confidential information and address compliance quickly and with fewer cartridges.

Mount type

The rack mount hardware included with the library allows installation in a variety of HP racks which include the 10000 series, 9000 series, 5000 series and System/E racks.

Host interface

4 Gb Fibre Channel or; Ultra320 LVD SCSI or; 3 Gb/sec SAS or; Ultra160 LVD SCSI; Depending on drive type


  • Number of Cartridge Slots: 24
  • Form Factor: 2U Rack-mountable
  • Model number: AK379A
  • Mean time between failures: 100,000 hours (based on 1M MSBF)
  • Product Type: Tape Library
  • Barcode Reader: Yes
  • Recording Method: Linear Serpentine

HP MSL2024 0-Drive 2U 24-Slot Tape Library Part# AK379A (includes 24 slots, zero drives)