Quantum LTO7 L7MQN

The new Quantum LTO generation 7 (MR-L7MQN-01) specifications more than double the tape cartridge capacity from the previous generation, 6TB native including capacities of up to 15TB per cartridge when compressed. Large files will also transfer more quickly with the Quantum MR-L7MQN-01 LTO-7 Data Backup Tape Cartridge offering 300 Mbps native data transfer speed and data transfer rates that are up to 750MB per second compressed, which can translate to more than 2.7 terabytes of data an hour per drive.

With an archival life of up to 30 years, the Ultrium LTO-7 Data Cartridge from Quantum is designed to suit a variety of storage needs. This LTO-7 tape storage drive comes equipped with a 6TB native storage capacity and 15TB compressed storage capacity making easy to store a large amount of data on a single tape. Users also benefit from built-in WORM technology designed to meet the strict regulations and compliance standards of many businesses. Once configured this data cartridge helps to keep stored data safe and secure through the use of 256-bit AES encryption.

LTO-7 will continue to include features that were introduced in previous generations, including a partitioning functionality that allows users to present a tape-based file system with the use of LTFS. LTO generation 7 provides continued support for hardware-based encryption and WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) functionality. This helps ensure a balance of performance, capacity, compatibility and cost control supporting a broad range of security-rich and portable data storage options for backup and archive that are easy to use and address a vast majority of storage needs.

  • High Storage Capacity of 6TB and up to 15 TB compressed capacity.
  • Supports transfer speeds of 300 MB/s (native), 750 MB/s (2.5:1) with Generation 7
  • Barium Ferrite (BaFe) technology
  • Support for tape drive hardware encryption
  • Compatible with Linear Tape File System (LTFS)
LTO Ultrium 7 Tape Media
Native Capacity
6 TB
Up to 15 TB (assuming 2.5:1 Compression)
Data Rate
300 MB/s / Up to 750 MB/s Compressed
Tape Technology
Barium Ferrite (BaFe)
Archival life
30 years
Load/Unload Cycles

Quantum LTO 7 Tape media cartridges are manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability, ensuring low error rates, high performance and long-term durability. Quantum LTO 7 media allows you to archive your data with confidence.